Monday, October 19, 2009

Imagination Lives in Her Still

As I still ponder "Where the Wild Things Are", I have been thinking about my own adventures in imagination, in my own tantrums (manifesting more in a pouty bottom lip which caused my father to say, "You can take that lip all the way to Pennsylvania"), in my own inner-world from my childhood.

As I have been doing all these introspective activities, all these "let your inner artist out" activities, I have been realizing that one of my finer qualities as a human being (in my humble opinion) is that I never forgot how to play.  There have been times in my life when I have been less likely to play or less interested in play, but I have never lost the ability to enjoy a rainstorm or coloring or feeling the ocean on my feet.  Sometimes, people have looked at me during a fit of laughter as if to say, "Stop being so silly."

So, I am here to tell you that imagination still lives in me, goofy first grade smile and all.

P.S. While I was at Powell's yesterday, I saw one of my other ALL TIME FAVORITE children's books, "Ferdinand the Bull". I will tell you about that book some other day. :)

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