Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winding Down

I went to work today to make up for some lost time and ended up rearranging my office. For some reason, the set up has just been bothering me for a long time. As soon as I did it, I knew this was better. I'm not certain everyone will love it, but it opened up the office and I felt like I could breathe better.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do some necessary work, but then, I'm going to take the day off for real. Not a sick day where I feel like crap, or a sick day where I work all day or a PTO day where I work on my show. This is an honest-to-God day off - a day to read, to watch a movie, to just enjoy life for a few minutes. I spend so much time thinking of all the things I SHOULD do, even when I'm off, that I have a hard time enjoying it.

No more. I am committing to honest time off. To enjoying it. Vacation is coming soon! That will help me get my head on straight. I can't wait.

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