Monday, October 12, 2009

Nurturing Self

The most self-nurturing thing I have done for myself in a long time was to take the "Live Your Wild and Precious Life Now" Telecourse from Patti Digh and David Robinson.

I missed the last scheduled call and frankly, I felt a little bereft since I have talked to this group of amazing, compassionate, creative people. I feel a bond with them, a connection, even though I have only just met Patti Digh one time, for a brief 5 minutes after a reading she did in Manzanita, OR.

The last two weeks have been an interesting dilemma for me - I have been in pain, ill and extremely busy. I felt guilty that I wasn't participating fully in the activities I was committing to..."The Joy Diet", "The Artist's Way", maintaining this blog. After doing some of the readings for my call tomorrow, I realized that these two weeks have been the perfect illustration for me of what this is about. Instead of thinking about all the things I wasn't doing, I really just needed some sleep, some time and some healing. There isn't anything wrong with that. I know it in my head, but sometimes it is hard to remember what is really important.

I think many of us, especially those of us who are nurturers at heart, train ourselves to ignore our own needs - not on purpose, but through years and years of reinforcement and practice. So now, I am practicing taking care of myself. In being well rested, healthy, happy and guilt-free, I can be more present for those I want to care for. It is a good cycle and one that I want to be a part of on a more regular basis.

Thanks for bearing with me. Sometimes I have to learn things the hard way. :)

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  1. And OH! - what a great lesson to pass on, Jean! Glad you're feeling better and do keep taking care of yourself!



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