Monday, October 26, 2009

Hard day

One of my friends I was on vacation with got very sick, so we left DW Hot Springs in separate cars. I was supposed to stay an additional day, but due to illness, I just came home today.  Got a chance to visit with my other friend who arrived on Saturday at the hot springs.  We drove back to Sacramento together - beautiful fall drive.  

Stopped by work in Sac and saw some folks I hadn't seen in awhile.  I was amazed at how much simple kindness makes an impact.  I met an admin and a lady from payroll and they were so sweet to me - I hadn't even realized that what I do is different that other people. It seems basic - if you need something, ask.  If there is a problem, let people know. Thank them for helping. Thank them for fixing. Ask nicely.  Apparently, these common sense approaches are not so common.  Their wonderful greetings made my day.  I saw one of my FAVORITE people from work and she gave me the biggest hug and I was just so warmed by her sincere greeting - it is so nice when your warm regard is returned.

Flew home, taxi to work, grabbed my car and came home. I'm pooped.

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