Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm back!

Well, I'm back. I have missed my little land of self-expression but I am not savvy enough to figure out wifi, so I had to so some by-hand posts that I will be putting up tonight when I get home.

Shall I say (if I have not said so before) that returning from vacation is disincentive to taking vacations?  I'm drowning and I fear it is going to continue for awhile.  I decided upon waking this morning at 5:00am that this blog is still one of the few things I give myself, so I will continue to be here, continue this journey, because I have to.  All this stuff can't stay in your head - it has to come out. I'm not sure what I would do at this point without this outlet - I'm sure I would find some way, but it wouldn't be the same. :)

I had a telecourse call yesterday which was great, but I had a strong fear reaction that the journey of it is almost over and that scared me a little.  I hope our little group will continue to share via email. I will share more about that later, but for now, I'm off to be in the world. Wish me luck!

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