Saturday, March 20, 2010

Themeless Saturday

A blog without a theme...I'm not so good at that, especially when things are stressful. Then I just get whiny and complainy and then I approach the blog with trepedation because I haven't thought of anything new to say.

I bought a book of lists, but some of the lists are lists I just don't care about or that I'm not willing to put online.  I tried randomly opening it to a list but I kept coming up with either lists I have done before or lists that I have no interest in.

April is Poetry month, so I will be looking for poetry to post then, but right theme.

So, for lack of a theme, here is a randomly chosen list:

List what was under your bed as a child.

Well, when I was a child, I had two methods - one was NOTHING under the bed because that way, the bugs had nowhere to hide.  I was pretty sure that all kinds of bugs came into the house and would climb up the stuff under the bed, jump onto the bottom of the mattress and march up and around and onto the bed to terrify me in the night. I'm not sure why it never occurred to me that if they really wanted to, they could climb up the bedposts and get on the bed anyway. I guess because I was 6 and logic doesn't really enter into childhood terrors.

The other under the bed method was to cram everything I owned under the bed so that the bugs couldn't get through.

Mostly, I didn't keep stuff under the bed.  I kept every stuffed animal I owned on my bed before we moved to Germany (when I was 6 years old). I would tuck the stuffed animals under the blanket all the way around the mattress.  Then I would climb in but there was barely enough room for me, so if I got up in the night, I would often not come back to bed because I couldn't get the arrangement back in the dark. This was also bug evasion. I was particularly afraid of ants. I used to have dreams of multitudes of multi-colored ants marching across the floor and the wall and I would wake terrified and go sit on the chair next to my parents bed until I fell asleep.

Anyway, not really much of a list, but some funny little tidbits I remember from my childhood.

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