Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Rant

So, in checking my sidekick info online this week, I was reminded of the situation in the fall when the Danger Network went down and I lost all my photos, contacts, to-do-lists and emails for about a month.  When they restored all the info (I have no idea how that works), a very BIZARRE thing happened.  When I opened up my online account, a picture of one of my friends FROM HIS CAMERA showed up on my account. In fact, 3 photos from his phone somehow magically transferred to mine...and he doesn't even have the same phone service.

I called my friend because I realized I had forgotten this fact and when he called back, he left a message that was something to the affect of, "This could be scandalous depending on the photos that were transferred..." and "if you think you have privacy, guess again".

Imagine, if you will, some of the photos YOU have taken with your phone...and then imagine them showing up on your Mother's cell phone camera account or your boss'...

You see, the phone I was checking was a work phone. Sometimes, when they ask me to check something in the server room and I have no idea what they are asking me to do, I have to take photos of all the wires and configurations and then they can tell me to cut the blue wire or the green one.  In my work, a lot of the information is extremely proprietary.

For me, I had to think that the photos would just be exchanged (somehow) between people on each other's contact lists, BUT STILL...isn't that the craziest thing you have ever heard?
Makes me all the happier that I bought a digital camera and I don't have any reason to take personal photos (of any kind) on my phone. I mean, honestly, scandalous photos are not coming from me - I don't have any worries on that front, but it is just the idea that your personal, private information could be so easily exchanged with someone else's. Weird.

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  1. The scandalacious photos on my phone would make even the most hardy of my friends possibly blush! That should probably deter me, but, alas, it just would make my life more interesting.

    Can't wait to see you, btw. Muah!




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