Monday, March 29, 2010

Clarification on "Real Life"

I have been thinking about my post from yesterday quite a bit. Not sure why.

I guess I wanted to clarify what I was talking about.  Or something like that.

I don't think that the only meaningful times in our lives are end of life or when someone is sick.  What I meant to say is that I get caught up in some of the insignificant things instead of choosing to focus on what I care about - my family, my friends, being a good person, finding joy in life.  It is easy to get distracted from all of that and things like Eva's blog or memories of Roby remind me that it isn't just about the spreadsheet I didn't finish at work or the scratch on my car door.

I don't know if that makes any sense. I guess I should stop trying to write it down...the whole blog is about that, anyway.  That's why I come here, make my art journal, learn photography, read, take classes, love musicals. I guess this is the place where I think about and write about "sucking the marrow out of life" (is that Whitman or just a quote from "Dead Poet's Society"?  I will have to check).

Anyway, it was bothering me that maybe I said something that I didn't mean exactly.  I know I haven't really cleared anything up here, but at least I tried.  Good intentions count for something...


  1. I know what you are trying to convey. The death of each of my parents brought very clearly into focus what I want in my daily life. And who I want in my life. It is those significant events that can clarify these for a person.

    Secondly, I will say that i will not watch the video you posted. I believe these times are very private(not secret) but really not to be shared with those who were not involved.

    That is hard to explain also, to put it more simply, there are things that were said and done between me and my parents that are not for others to know.

    Well, i could go on and on, but i won't! :-) Suffice to say, there is more to life than spreadsheets!


  2. Hey Judi- Thanks for your comments. Nice to know there are other people who know what I mean.

    I respect your choice not to watch the video. Those moments are precious and usually private, so I can appreciate not wanting to see them. I have mixed feelings about the video, particularly.

    I loved the photos in the blog just because I know her loved ones will be so glad to have them.

    Thanks for the conversation! I love this opportunity we all have to throw ideas and thoughts around. :)



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