Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Madness and Other Oddities

I have a sty in my eye. :(  I have never had one before and it hurts.  It has interfered with my whole day as my left eye is swollen almost shut. I have alternated heat and ice, have put drops in and now have naturopathic sty medicine.

As for the Oscars, the phrase "most exciting first hour" was used in some pre-publicity and I have to say that I have no idea what show they were actually talking about - it certainly wasn't the show that I was watching.  So far, the only Academy Awards show that was worse was the only I skipped altogether a couple of years ago when all the movies for Best Picture seemed so hideous that there was no point.  It was the year of "No Country for Old Men" or "Let There Be Blood" or something like that...

First of all, why do we have to have 2 hosts?  At least if there is only one and a joke tanks, they can just move along - they don't have to wade through the awkward banter hoping the other person will catch on. I would rather have seen Ellen, Robin Williams or Neil Patrick Harris host than Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. It was BORING.

What's with having people talk about the actors' personal character before Best Actor and Best Actress?  What if one of them turns out to be a jerk and no one wants to stand up for them?  What if they AREN'T "the nicest person" you'd ever want to meet?  Shouldn't the awards be about the work?

And what was up with that woman who ran up, took over from the Short Documentary winner and used up all his time?  They should have taken her off the stage and let the guy talk.

Need I mention the dancers?  Honestly, getting rid of the Acadamy Award Dancers was the best thing they had done in years.

Some of the speeches (Mo'Nique, Sandra Bullock, the guy who won Best Supporting Actor, a few of the others) were worth it. First Female Best Director - awesome. I liked the John Hughes tribute.  The rest of the show, I could have done without.

New celebrity crush (in addition to Gordon Ramsey and Ryan Reynolds) is Sandra Bullock. I love her - always have. I love that she seems sensitive. I love that she stopped working for a while when she was unhappy with the work she was doing/getting. And she is beautiful. Kind of remeniscent of Jenna Elfman in "Keeping the Faith"...

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