Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Thoughts from Monday

With all the hit-and-run accidents that have been happening lately, including drivers hitting pedestrians and bicyclists, doesn't it seem like maybe people are missing some kind of skill or knowledge base?  Is it that they don't understand the rules of the road and then hit these people or that they don't know that if they hit someone they should stop?  Is it that so many more drivers don't have insurance or they are just idiots?  It is kind of scary to see this total lack of skill on a daily basis. Everyone can't be on their phones can they?  Is it really wise to have all those flashing yellow left turn arrows when people can barely figure out how to drive anyway?  How do people learn the new rules once they have their driver's license?  I have noticed new stuff that happens and then I go online to figure out the new rules - like for the bicycle boxes in Portland. I'm not confident that everyone looks up the new rules of the road to be sure they understand them.

Anyone else notice the proliferation of Canada Geese around this year?  They are lovely but I can't ever remember seeing so many of them and in such varied locations.  There were two just in a parking lot as I drove home the other day and I thought maybe they had lost their way. I wished I had my camera with me, but alas, I did not.  Did the Canada Geese always come here but they had more places to hide so we just didn't really see them?

I'm sure I have many more random thoughts I could share, but that's all I can remember from my day.

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