Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thai Tuesday

I finally had some Thai food today and it was *delicious*, as usual.  I ate too much and regretted that part, but it tasted really, really good.

When I first started working at my current job, I think I may have been to a Thai restaurant once in my life...maybe.  We used to pick up food for the staff on the weekends and the weekend crew was really big on Thai food. I finally randomly tried some curry because I got sick of trying to figure out what restaurant was close by that I could stop at for my own lunch/dinner.  We frequented this one place but after   a time when all the vegetables in the curry were still froze and the third time they gave us a "vegetarian" dish with chicken in it, n and THEN gave us attitude about it (they told us that we needed to bring the dish back to prove that we hadn't just eaten it and then wanted a refund or more food - a reasonable request if you aren't nasty about it).

After dealing with the woman, I was like, "Um, why do we keep giving our business to a restaurant that clearly doesn't care about their customers? They are nasty, they get the orders wrong every time and the food isn't even cooked sometimes."  That week, I decided to stop at a Thai restaurant I had seen as I came off the freeway every day. I had lunch there and it was love.  The staff and I got to a point where we literally were eating Thai food there 3 nights a week.

It was heart-breaking to leave my little Thai place and move to our new building. There are two Thai restaurants nearby but they just aren't the same as the little place I frequented for about 4 years.  I still go there every couple of months (like I did today) and I bring all my guests there who come for work.  We used to have Thai every Tuesday (hence the post name) and today was just a nice revisiting of an old haunt.

If you are ever in Vancouver, Washington or in Portland, Oregon, go to Thai Terrace.  They are fantastic.

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