Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Passing Up an Opportunity

Sweet Honey in the Rock was here tonight doing a concert.  When I first heard about it, I was scheduled to interpret "Billy Elliot" tomorrow night, so I didn't think I could go.  I sort of resigned myself to it and then I was scheduled to go out of town for an offsite meeting for work and had to ask someone else to do "Billy Elliot", so I really knew that I couldn't go to Sweet Honey.

The offsite got postponed and I realized I could go to the show, but for some reason I hesitated.  I LOVE them - they are one of the groups that I still would pay money to see live.  I'm not a concert person really - nowadays it is too loud and I just don't really enjoy most concerts.  Sweet Honey is different, but I still decided not to go. The last time I went, I really enjoyed it, but I also know that the group has been reconfigured a bit - a couple of members left and were replaced - maybe that's part of it. I'm afraid that I will put all these expectations on it and disappoint myself...

Anyway, I'm sure they were brilliant. I don't regret not going, but I think the next time they are here, I'm going to just do it.

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