Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still in a Rut and the Food Revolution

I'm in a rut. I've been in a rut for a long time. It's not a horrible thing - I have just been noticing more and more which means I have to get out of it. I didn't get anything done this weekend that I wanted to do - errands and things that involved leaving the house. I have been a hermit every weekend for a long time and I have been thinking that I have to start going to the movies or something. I'm okay with the hermit thing in the rainy months, but when it starts to warm up and the sun starts shining, it is good to get out a bit.

I also didn't do any art journaling this weekend, which was disappointing, but not surprising.  I hope to do some this week or next weekend.

I watched a tape of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution from last Tuesday. I'm pretty sure I wrote about him last year. I love his passion and his honest approach with people.  As I watch the shows, I hearken back to the lunches we had when I was a kid.  We lived in German during my early elementary years and went to school in the maid's quarters and in old military barracks, so we didn't have school lunches. We were able to buy milk (white milk - no flavors) and we either brought a lunch or went home for lunch.  This was best for me, anyway, because I probably wouldn't have eaten much they offered anyway.  In Panama City, Florida, I remember eating occasional school lunches, but I still didn't like much of what they had. In middle school and high school, I rarely ate lunch - I usually saved the money to buy books. But they still actually cooked food in the schools back then. In high school, in the afternoon, they baked fresh bread rolls. For a treat, my friend Jeffa and I would buy a roll and a cup of pop. You could only get soda after they had stopped serving lunches and it was only available for a period or two. We considered it a rare treat.  We complained about lunch food back then, but at least it was actual food...what a crazy world we are living in right now that we don't even know how to feed our kids healthy food and MILK.   If you haven't seen the show, the second episode is on Tuesday this week.  It is definitely thought-provoking.

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