Sunday, April 24, 2011


So, first of all, I have been thinking about how we each have impact in large and small ways on those we come into contact with - whether we know it or not, whether it is intentional or not.  I believe that most people want their impact to be a positive one and try to make that happen more often than not.

So many friends have been reaching out to me, to each other, to Alan's family. It is inspiring and it is a good reminder to reward people for their efforts.  I want to reach out to those I love and who have an impact on me in personal ways - maybe small ways, but enough to know that I told them they made a difference.  Everyone should know they are making a difference when they are.

Today, I went to brunch with family. Some difficult times recently, so it was nice to be all together.  Then I saw "The Adjustment Bureau" which was much better than I thought and left me with some things to think about.

Just a good day of reflection.

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