Thursday, November 24, 2011

WWRT? (What Would Roby Think?)

I came home from Thanksgiving tonight and turned on the television only to realize that I had not taped the "Very Gaga Thanksgiving" special.  I'm a little disappointed, but I watched the very end of it.  As I was watching, I wondered what Roby would think (WWRT) of her?  I think he would have LOVED HER!!

I often get choked up watching Kurt and his father on Glee for the Same reason - I wish the show had been on when Roby was still alive.  He was so tortured by his relationship with his father. I would love to see him watch a good relationship between a gay young man and his father. Not only for the relationship, but for the knowledge that something like that can be on television now. I'm not sure we would have believed it in the 1980s.

Just something I was thinking about on this Thanksgiving night.

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