Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Link Love Long Overdue

I haven’t done a Link Love post in a long time (if ever). I think I link to people when I write a post about them, but I thought I would just do a list of some of my current favorite blogs.  I still visit my friends on other blogs, but these are the ones I visit regularly:

http://www.3x3x365.blogspot.com/ - 3 Friends, 3 States, Sharing one photo every day of 2011

http://kellykilmer.blogspot.com/ - mixed media artist and teacher – lots of art journaling ideas and classes

http://joannezsharpe.blogspot.com/ - I’m in LOVE with her style – lots of color and words mixed with tons of great ideas

http://www.ihanna.nu/ - art journal and other ideas

http://thebloggess.com/ - just hysterical. Sick, but hysterical!

http://teeshascircus.blogspot.com/ - her art started me down the art journaling path

http://www.dblogala.com/ - doodler extraordinaire

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