Friday, November 25, 2011

No "Black Friday" Shopping This Year

I'm happy to say that I didn't participate in "Black Friday" shopping this year.  I have only done so about twice in my life - the past two years - and the gifts I purchased were for a children's party for Deaf children in the local area.

I'm not morally opposed to shopping, per se.  More than anything, for me personally, I don't need/get a rush from a good deal or from standing in line waiting to buy things or from the crush of people (or their guns or pepper spray this year). I'm hoping to buy more from local folks, artists/writers I know, etc. In addition, I prefer gifts that fit the person.  I don't need someone to give me some big, extravagant thing to show their regard for me. I would rather have something that is meaningful.

So, I spent a quiet day at home. A little shopping on the internet for items I would have purchased anyway.  Nice to have the option to stay home and nice to be able to take it.

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