Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back Into the Fray

Well, back to work I go tomorrow. I feel pretty rested at this point, but I would love another day off to ENJOY and maybe go and do something. Today, I had some rating to do for a job and that took up a big chunk of the afternoon. I should have gone to the movies or something, but I didn't.

Just changing the routine from the day-to-day is a pleasure on the weekends. Not having to wake to an alarm, even when I wake up almost as early, sometimes earlier.  Not having to hurry to get ready and leave the house for the better part of the day is good, too.

Tomorrow, I have to go to Michael's to pick up Gesso.  I know I haven't been posting much art journaling here, but I have been prepping a new journal.  I found a journal project I really liked using a composition notebook and I have been working on getting that ready.  I had to make the pages thicker - two pages glued together and then something glued on to thicken it up.  I used National Geographic pages. Now, gesso (my first venture with gesso) so that I can move forward. I'm very excited about this journal - really different than anything I have done before. I will post pictures.

I'm also going to try this little trick...

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