Monday, November 7, 2011

NaBloPoMo Prompt #4: Pen or Computer?

When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

I prefer to use a pen when I’m writing, but my wrists don’t really like it much. My hands will start to hurt after a while.  I think there is just something much more kinesthetic about writing by hand and with a pen. Pens have a certain feel to them that I love – a smooth gel pen traveling down the page is the best thing.  Again, since I haven’t really sat down to write anything creative or of substance, I haven’t really done any work with a pen unless it was in my art journal.

I’m still thinking about writing a play and that would definitely be easier to write on a computer with a playwriting program instead of writing it out and then trying to format it back into something.  I don’t know why a play has been on my mind…it just feels like that is where my mind wants to go. I don’t know if it will ever come to fruition, but I want to try.

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