Friday, March 23, 2012

TGIFand My Bliss List

It is FRIDAY and I am so happy that it is. It has been a strange week for me - no particular reason, just felt a little off all week.

I look forward to Fridays so that I can think about the week and the things I'm grateful for and that brought a little joy into my life. Thanks to Liv Lane for being the inspiration and coordinator of the Bliss List links.

So, here's my Little Bliss List for this week.

1. Even though I didn't get a photo of any of it, I loved seeing the snow covered trees, yards, roofs. It was so odd to hear a radio report of the "Heat Wave" across the U.S. as I drove up the hill towards the freeway entrance looking at two inches of snow in March here in the Northwest. Strange, but beautiful.

2. I went back to reading "The Hunger Games" this week and it has reignited my reading gene. I have been struggling for so long now - wanting to read but not finding anything that could pull me in. I wondered if I had lost the inclination. I am proud to say, I have not lost it. And I don't even think that it is because of this book - I think my brain was just ready to read. It feels so good - all I want to do is cuddle up with my book but I have to get ready for the show.

3. I watched the television show "Touch" this week and I was really moved by the whole episode. I think this show could be something really special. If you haven't watched it, I would recommend the episode that was on this week...I think it was Episode 2 of the series. Something about it just touched me deeply.

4. I am a big "American Idol" fan, but sometimes, I just need to hear the original songs. Last week was that week for me, so I downloaded Jennifer Rush's ORIGINAL version of "The Power of Love" and Mariah Carey and Boys II Men's version of "One Sweet Day". I just couldn't let the versions from the show be the ones in my head. And I listened to them while I played a game or two of solitaire this week. So beautiful they brought me to tears, as music often does. Sometimes it is really nice to be able to just go online and buy a single song - just to get the right stuff in your brain.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend. Go get some Bliss!


  1. your bliss is beautiful:)
    ( i know just what you mean about
    reading something that makes it all
    come alive again)
    happy warming weekend,

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I hope you are having a great spring and getting as much joy as you spread! :)



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