Monday, May 30, 2011

#Trust30 Starting Tomorrow

There I was, innocently reading posts on Facebook, when I found the next theme for my blog. I'm participating in Nablopomo for June and they have a theme there, but I don't usually do their themes - they don't always resonate with me. I do try to check out some of their prompts, as well, but it isn't often that I use them.

So, today, Patti Digh posted on Facebook that she had been selected as an author for a Seth Godin project called #Trust30 that starts tomorrow.  Of course, I immediately went to the website to sign up.  Seth Godin is a favorite of several people I admire greatly and I have enjoyed some of his work (I haven't explored deeply, so I have little to go on). Patti (this link is to her other blog) is someone that I not only admire but trust and love that she posted about this.

Here's what it says about the project on the website: 

There is also mention of "The Domino Project", which I am trying to find out about right now.
Anyway, I'm excited to have a theme/project for the next 30 days. I have been feeling unfocused for a long time. I will still be doing art journals and other stuff, but I miss some of the stuff I used to do here - when I started blogging, I was a lot more fearless (re: open) and I'd like to get back to that. I think I just got caught in a rut.


  1. I just signed up. I don't know how to tweet. But will give it a try. I am on face book. If you want I would like to have you be a friend on facebook too. I have a link on the bottom of my page.

  2. Hi Grammy - I don't know how to tweet either. :) I have an account, but I REALLY REALLY don't understand it.

    I will click on your Facebook link - might take me a day or two since I'm getting ready to leave town. :)



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