Saturday, January 10, 2009

Change Your Tires: Michelin

"Don't compromise on tire safety."

Ha. One of my tires blew out...I knew something happened when I went over one of those shiny things in the middle of the lane and the car bottomed out. I made it home (barely) after visiting Roby's mom on Thursday night, borrowed a car to go to work and then called the tow truck after I found out that the tire is stored UNDER THE CAR.

I have been having problems with the tire lately and have had to put air in it several times (what's my first clue - duh). I should have just gotten new tires anyway because I'm due, but of course, I waited until the last minute.

Have you tried putting air in your own tires lately? First of all, it is 75 cents for AIR. It used to be free, then it was a quarter, now it is 75 CENTS. For AIR. And I have been to about 15 gas stations, car washes and other likely places (all when Oil Can Henry's isn't open) to try to get air. I have, so far, only found one place on my regular routes that actually has a functional air compressor (or whatever it is called) so that I could fork over the change (which sometimes we don't have in this cash-free world). But the great news is that I DID find one place and I go there pretty regularly.

So, no profound quote today. Just a warning- Change your tires. :)

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  1. its a sad day when we have to pay for air...don't you long for the 'good ol' days' of full service gas air, fill up the tank, wash the windows...well, okay, i don't really have a reference for those things, but i've SEEN The Andy Griffith Show...*smile*
    Here's a day when air is free again!



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