Saturday, January 24, 2009

Resisting Change: Carl Jung

"What you resist, persists." ~Carl Jung

Do you think colds and flu count in this theory?  'cause I have been resisting...I have been getting more sleep, taking Sambucol syrup, taking my Vitamins (including extra D3- all the rage), drinking tons of water and I'M STILL SICK!!  What's that about, anyway?

I thought it was a headcold with all its usual symptoms, but yesterday, fluey symptoms came...headcold and the flu!  That's not right!  

So, I am going back to bed to sleep through Armageddon and/or Titanic (good lord, has it been 10 years...) again.  I don't know why the noise of it is comforting, but I will take sleep where I can get it.

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