Saturday, January 3, 2009

Changing the future - "Inheritance" P.O.V.

If you have any time in the next day, I recommend you watch the documentary, "Inheritance" about the journey of Amon Goeth's daughter to find answers to her questions about her father. This seeking leads her to Helen Jonas, a Schindler survivor and one of the young women victim to Amon Goeth's viciousness.
The sins of the father are being exorcised by his daughter. Monika says in the first segment, "If we cannot go back and change the past, perhaps we can change the future."
The film is showing online for free through tomorrow (1/4/09). For other documentaries of this kind, go to
**This film contains images from Plaszow Concentration Camp and footage of the exectution of Amon Goeth.**

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