Saturday, June 6, 2009

Completely Ecstatic and Aflutter

I just finished signing up for Patti Digh's new telecoaching class called "Live Your Wild and Precious Life Now"!  For more information, go here.

I know I have been raving about Life is a Verb here since it came out, but it is honestly one of the most true and authentic books I have ever read. Having had a similar life-altering experience through Roby's death and others, Life is a Verb and Patti's blog 37 Days resonates so deeply for me that I feel it all the way down in my toes.

This is going to be life-changing and life-enriching.  I don't know where it will lead, but I know it will only lead to good places in the end.  I feel so good about giving myself this gift.  If I were a dancer, I would pirouette around the living room.  If I were a singer, I would sing the "Halleluah Chorus" at the top of my lungs.  But I can write here that I can't wait to begin this project - Project Jean. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm thinking you ARE a dancer and you ARE a singer! :-)



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