Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Falling in love with PBS all over again

I am a Sesame Street baby - I grew up on it. On "Electric Company". I loved Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom" which I always attributed to public televsion, but I doubt seriously if that's where it was showing.

With the new digital conversion, Oregon Public Broadcasting now has 3 TV channels and one radio channel and I LOVE THEM! I have taken to watching "Life in the Canopy", "Nature", "Frontline", "American Masters", "Great Performances"...any animal program...I love the CREATE channel - Cooking with Ming and the Test Kitchen...I love it all. I've seen specials on hippos (little scary) and how to move a rhodedendron...you name it...even "Antique Roadshow" is good, clean fun.

I gotta go to the OPB site and make a contribution. I have gotten so much pleasure in the last few months and I guess I would say that the last Hero I will honor this month (I know I got off the theme a while ago) is Public Broadcasting. May PBS and OPB continue on for many more years.

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  1. Ok, J, I'm a OPB/NPR JUNKIE!! Seriously, its almost all I listen to in the car. Well , I got sick of missing 1/2 the story because I had to run into a job. So, last time the did the fund drive the offered a "radio bookmark" if you gave a certain amount. So, it goes on your key chain and when you have to leave a program in the middle and get out of your car - you click it. It digitally knows where you live and what you are listening to and marks it. Then you go home, put it in the computer and pull up your book mark page and voila - its there to finish listening to!
    I just got mine and am going to set it up asap!!

    Our TV just died, but I now after reading your blog - I might have to get another just to catch all the PBS/OPB going on!!!



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