Friday, June 26, 2009

Wreck This Journal: Week 4

Well, I had an interesting week of trying to wreck and being pulled in a million directions. I made progress, but I am nowhere near where I thought I would be...

I am excited about mailing the journal to myself, but I hate to let it leave my hands...I think I'm just going to have to do it.

Anyway, I had some fun this week. The burn was a little more out of control than I would have wanted, but that is what this is all about, right? Exploring doing things differently - giving permission to make a mess and do whatever we feel like to this crazy book.

I am finding that I know a lot of people who really need this book. My nephew will be getting a copy soon and a friend and her son who are going through some stuff - I think it will be a fun summer activity for them to do together. The Amazon shipment is on its way! :)

The other thing to know is that I am still learning how to use my camera and today, I was not having good luck. I need to read some information about amateur digital photography. My camera has this weird thing where the only setting that doesn't seem to have automatic flash is the one that doesn't focus well. What's that about?

Anyway, I'm posting lousy pictures and all and will be setting about trying to get some better photos ASAP.

I'm happy with the progress I am making on the outside of the journal...but some of the glitter glue came off. Will have to find something else to help me complete it. I think the cover will continue to be a work in progress.

I didn't leave the page blank...I saw this postcard and I knew it had to get in this journal.

The burn started calmly and then got a little out of control. I burned a hole through three pages and there was a lot of ash, which I enjoyed smearing all over the page.

This was my grocery list...the picture is too was the flash vs. focus problem I was talking about. :(

I started to color the page, but I got bored. The crayons weren't working for me today. I think I need something messier. :)

The page says, "Pens do it better." The crayon scribbling just wasn't satisfying. The pen actually made a hole and some indentations through the page. Much more wickedly delicious.

I thought it would be boring to just have a paper-colored ball when I tore out my page, so I colored it first, then crumpled. I took an action (re: blurry) photo of me crumpling the ball. I think I'm going to use it as the second ball in Journal Golf.

I'm also loving how cracked the spine is. Look at this! I'm not holding it open!! It just stays that way now!


  1. Yep it stays open by itself! Very good spine cracking!

    I have a feeling alot of pages in everyone's journals will be a long work in progress. I was thinking today this could keep me busy about a year! (Unless of course it disintegrates completely, lol)

  2. Didn't you just love burning that page (or pages, in your case)? ;)

    I loved the ashes and the smell of the fire. I didn't realize it was all going to get so messy, but it seems the dirtier and more roughed up my book gets, the better I feel. (I wonder what that means.)

    You added some awesome color to your pages...and "breathe" is an excellent word to write over and over again.

  3. i'm with scarlet - the dirtier the happier. quite unlike what i expected. great wrecking.

    (about an earlier post: I love Chess too. the great Performances production was ok (not all that fond of some of those performers plus all the new music was disconcerting - i like my Chess the was it was originally)

  4. This is wonderful--I LOVE how color your journal is becoming! And yay to you for working through some fears--AWESOME!

  5. The fun just POPS off this post! I can tell you're having a ball and that's GREAT! :)

  6. It's looking great!! Regarding the blurriness in the NON-flash setting... it's because there's not enough light. The shutter has to stay open longer and unless your have your camera on a tripod, you'll most likely move it a bit.

    Some of the best solutions are moving it toward a window (natural light is best) OR putting a lamp directly above it. Or a tripod of course. :)

    Either way, it's looking wonderful!!

  7. I love the "Dare to Laugh" postcard! Can't wait to see where you put that in. :)

  8. Great wreck work. Well Done! :)

  9. and what a lovely wild rumpus this is!

  10. What aggression! What passion! What vision! You are fabulous!!

  11. I love that your book lays open by itself now. You have done some fine wrecking!

  12. we have all become vandals! good luck with the camers, you seem tobe doing fine


  13. ROTFL LOL LOL gigglesnort Well, you dared us! :) SO much color in your journal this week, it's fantastic!!! I really appreciate all the photos, too. Thank you for sharing and making me laugh. KEEP ON WRECKING!!!



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