Saturday, June 27, 2009

Memory of Art...

I was looking for the cards that my team and I used for "La Vie Boheme" in "Rent". If you haven't seen the show, the song is an energetic, fast paced song that lists bunches of pop culture references that are impossible to interpret, particularly at that pace. The first year we interpreted the show, 1998, we tried to do it and it was a failure. The Deaf audience cocked their heads to the side and looked at us with puzzled expressions. The song had no impact that way. In 2001, we stole the idea from Bob Dylan/INXS/local interpreter Tim Bigelow and made cards. The audience LOVED IT!! We used them again in 2004 and again last night, although last night, we had a Special Guest Star who helped us manage the cards. (Thanks, KH!!)

Anyway, in my search for the cards (actually, I had found them but thought I was missing some - they were just out of order), I found a collage that I did on September 10, 2001. It was bizarre because I did it at a friend's house and we both ended up picking things that were somewhat unusual for us. Hers included a big street sign from Broadway and some other cross street and lots of travel influence. Mine had a distinct middle eastern flavor with the colors and some of the photos. And I also included a bunch of pictures from "Rent".

It was my first real attempt at collage and I LOVED the process. I have only done it once more with my friends in California. I hope to get that one sent up here and to do another sometimes soon. I am interested in doing some of the Full Moon Dreamboards discussed on Starshyne Productions blog.

Anyway, here are some pics from the collage. I'm still struggling with my camera (well, with my photography skills, not the camera's fault).

This says, "In the end, it isn't so much that we're in the story, but that the story is in us." I love that.

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