Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just Because We Can...

Doesn't mean we should.

That's my new motto.  It applies to all kinds of things - 3D TVs, video monitors in cars, 24/7 news cycle, 479 cable channels...

What brought this on today, you ask?  Well, I'm was reading the paper, but I had the news on in the background. Before I knew it, the news transitioned to Entertainment Tonight and the *EXPOSE* about John Edwards and the *TELL ALL* book written by his former staffer.

I'm not sure that I want to reward a former staffer - presumably sworn to a code of confidentiality- who tells all.  I have had this conversation with several people who have said, "Well, John Edwards betrayed him. He has a right to..." Um. No. He doesn't.  Just because someone wrongs me doesn't give me the right to break my own agreements.  If you don't want to lie about his "love child", don't.  And you quit your job and walk away.  You don't write a tell-all memoir. But I digress.

I know that people want to know all this stuff - nobody admits to reading the National Enquirer, but someone is buying it.  The gory details of anyone's life - politicians, actors, celebrities, local people - just make me cringe. On the one hand, I want to just shake some of these folks and say, "What were you thinking???  Why can't you figure out that someone will catch you?" and on the other hand, I just want it to all go away.  I LIKE just watching an actor disappear into a role. I don't need to know about his affair 17 years ago with his next-door-neighbor's cousin's ex-girlfriend's brother. I DON'T CARE.

On days like today, I long for a culture that is forward thinking, that sees the consequences of their actions, that looks toward the future and considers what is best for all. I know that sounds quaint and old-fashioned. It's my generation gap showing again.

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