Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Girl in Search of a Theme

The Nablopomo theme for February is TIES...but I don't really have anything to say about that. Not yet.

This week, I have not been very creative - I have wanted to work on my art journal, but I have really just done a lot of prep work - looking for images, thinking about what I wanted to do, looking at other journals to gain some perspective. Without that to fall back on, I feel a little adrift in the blog.

I wanted to use some of the lists to help me through the difficult times when I just couldn't think of anything to write about, but many of the lists are either things that I don't care about (List your favorite condiments) or things that are too personal to share on the list (List your life's main regrets) just hasn't turned out the way I wanted it.

I think I need to come up with some prompts and just stick them in a bag and when I don't know what to talk about, I will just pull one out and write about it. It can be random, I think. I mean, it can't be more random than just whipping up some post from the random flotsam that is in my brain at any given moment.

Anyway, that's what I was thinking about today. And tomorrow is Friday. Yay!

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