Friday, July 9, 2010

Still Got My Show Legs

Well, after the June 24 performance of "The Lion King" (where I was amazed that I lived), I was a little nervous about doing the show again. Whatever virus I had after my trip to Las Vegas really kicked the crap out of me. I have never done a show where after each song I was wondering how long I would be able to stand up there. My legs never stopped shaking. It is hard to sign big and bold and clear when your legs feel like toothpicks that are about to snap.

So, Thursday night, the show went VERY WELL. I felt like I was on my game. I had enough energy, had enough water for intermission, had taken the day off to rest and relax and focus. Had enough protein. Enjoyed the performance, felt the emotional impact of the critical points of the show. BUT I knew that I had a Friday night performance, as well. It was a RARE last minute add-on night. I was worried about energy and strength.

Tonight, I was more tired. I had to go to work for a few things, ended up staying 30 minutes longer than I had intended which allowed an accident to happen on the freeway so that I could sit in my car in the 96 degree weather and move 2 miles in an hour. Kind threw off my mojo. BUT I was able to listen to the show and I just tried to Zen out and turned the AC on to stay cool. The day was a little too frantic for my taste on a show day, but I lived. Lots of hydration, protein spaced throughout the day. I wore more comfortable shoes for the show. I could tell I was more tired than yesterday, but not horrible until the end of the show. I was feeling a little punch-drunk by the end. We made it through - the audience seemed to enjoy it and I made it home alive.

All-in-all, a very good experience and I know that the show in June was because I wasn't feeling well. I just got really freaked out that maybe I just had lost my show muscles since I don't interpret all day every day. You really do lose a lot of muscle tone if you don't do this every day. I have to start doing some focused work on rebuilding my interpreting musculature. If you have it ready, it doesn't take so much energy.

Anyway, for all of you who have been sending me good thoughts for the shows, I thank you. :)

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