Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Do Cars Have Turn Signals?

As I was driving to the show tonight, I was forced to ponder the reason car manufacturers put turn signals on cars - particularly turn signals that are the size of a pea and are the same color as the brakes.  It makes no sense. Then I realized that it doesn't really matter how big they are or what color they are because NO ONE FREAKING USES THEM!!!  I was on a part of the freeway where lanes have to merge.  I was watching for turn signals, watching for people trying to merge, leaving a space in front of me that a truck or a bus or a circus motorcade could pull into.  Is that enough?  NO!  We want to go and try to pull into the lane in front of the car that is in front of me. Not that they would be able to move more quickly. Not that they will get there faster.  It must be because they prefer to practice parallel parking while on the freeway. I mean, really. I had literally 2.5 car lengths in front of me, but no one would pull into it.


As I was driving around the block to get to the parking structure that I like, I turned the corner near a daycare center. They have a bunch of 15 minute parking spots on the street there. As I turned, a car pulled out of the NO PARKING zone on the very back end of the spots and pulled 3/4 of the way into a parking slot 2 spaces away. At nearly the same moment as the car pulling into the slot, a Volvo slammed their car into reverse from about 3 car lengths in front of that space, jammed backwards and started angling into the space the other car was almost completely in. The Volvo gave no indication that they actually saw the car that was in the spot. They continued backing in. Finally, the poor guy in the spot backed out, almost into another car. Volvo pulled in. Little car then got the very front parking place by the daycare door because during all the drama, the front car drove off. The whole scene just baffled me.

If I won the lottery, I would hire a driver.

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