Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day Two - Headache Persists

Well, I sent my complaint into Regal Cinemas regarding the ear-splitting volume of "Eclipse" yesterday.  I still have a splitting headache that is mostly located on the left side of my head. I'm pretty sure some permanent damage was done. I am hoping this headache is gone by Thursday as I have a show and I need both my ears AND my head to do a good job.

I am also counting the minutes until someone starts complaining about the heat. Everyone has been complaining about the cooler-than-normal weather but now that we have jumped a good 20 degrees in a day, I know that it won't be long before the griping begins. I actually don't mind the cooler-than-normal weather as long as it isn't raining every day. I am dreading the HEAT if it happens like last year. 107 degrees is too much for me. This week, I think I can take it.

In an effort to be headache free tomorrow, I am going to bed. Cheers, everyone.

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