Sunday, July 25, 2010


Someone brought in some plums at work the other day. I tried one (it was a little too ripe for me - mushy) but it put me in the mood for plums. On Friday, I went to Safeway on my lunch (yikes - that was a whole story unto itself) and bought a few "experimental" plums - I wasn't sure if they would be good or not.

After bringing the plums back to my office, I finally ate one later in the day and it was DELICIOUS! So delicious that I ate the other one the same day. I didn't go out at all yesterday, but I was sorely tempted because all I could think about were those dumb plums!

Today, I went to the movies ("Knight and Day" which was quite fun and unexpectedly good. Shannon was right - go to a movie with LOW expectations and you are usually surprised in a good way) and then I stopped by Safeway. Usually, if I wait a few days to buy something like this, by the time I get there, it is too ripe or not there or no good. But tonight, all the stars were aligned and not only did I score with a bunch of Black Diamond plums that are the perfect side of ripe, but I got a bunch of other fruitilicious stuff, too.

I brought it up to the check stand and as the girl was ringing me up, I was thinking that I wasn't sure I had enough cash...then she asked about my Safeway card. I usually don't care one way or another, but I entered my phone number today and saved $8! On fruit! Good lord! I ONLY BOUGHT FRUIT!! and I SAVED $8... Weird. I guess I don't normally shop for fruit only, so it just took me by surprise.

Anyway, the plums are awesome. My stomach is happy and I have more for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Yummy!

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