Monday, July 26, 2010

Doubts, Again

Today, as I read a blog post of someone who inspires me, I realized that I had sort of lost my thread again here in Rumpus-land.

Part of what draws me here is a commitment to myself to just record things - and I'm incredibly happy that I am doing it. It feels good to be faithful and accountable for something for myself. Part of what drew me here in the first place was just a contemplation of life and my thoughts and the days as they go by. In the beginning, I never thought anyone would read here and that it was just for me. I know that sounds silly - the Internet (hey- did you know that Blogger considers "Internet" spelled incorrectly if you don't capitalize it?) is a public forum. I have to be cautious about what I post and what I talk about - for my own good and for my own piece of mind.

I think caution is a good thing, but I also think that sometimes I play it too safe. Not that there is anything secret and exciting going on - I just think that sometimes I take the easier way out instead of digging a little deeper. I think I am more guilty of that during the good weather. Anyway, I am trying to find some equilibrium - a balance of the day-to-day that I record here and more interesting fodder - questions, thoughts, ideas, philosophies, rants...

This is another phase I go through pretty regularly - like wanting to change the look of the blog. I know it will be fine - I will figure out what I want to do and will probably change my mind 14 times over.

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