Sunday, July 11, 2010


Okay. The last week has kicked my ass. Today, I did nothing but recuperate. I watched slept through a movie, worked on the computer a little, read the paper, dinked around in my pajamas until 5:00 PM. It was good.

One would think that having a three-day weekend last weekend would have helped but it did not. With the shows on Thursday and Friday, a late(ish) meeting on Wednesday, BookFest on Saturday and 90+ degree weather for most of the week, I just feel like someone beat me with a stick again. Sigh.

I will say that BookFest was a raging success. Kevin and I had a GREAT time! The actual book buying was impacted by the heat and the press of a LOT of people at Powell's. We were both happy that there are so many people buying books, but it really cramped our shopping style. Some years, we have 5-6 different parts. We set times and meet in the Anne Hughes Coffee Room (although I think they changed the name of that it is just the Coffee Room), check in and then set off for more shopping. This year, we met in the coffee room twice.

Honestly, after the second meeting, I could feel in my legs that I had done two shows in the last two days. I had lucked out and found a little shopping cart (they only have like 3 in the whole place), so I didn't have to tote a big basket full of books around, thank goodness. At the same time, it just took a lot of energy to navigate through the press of people in the heat. I spent a lot of time in the Debut Fiction corner because it seemed to have a limited appeal for most folks, so it was usually a clear area.

After our second meeting, I only had $15 left to spend and I was really hitting the wall. Finally, I paged Kevin, told him where I was sitting and he met me when he was done. We paid and then went off to dinner at Hunan's. Delicious Hot and Sour Soup. The General Tso's was good but not as good as the soup. Then we were off to Kevin's for our "Show and Tell". We thought we might be done early, but we had a really good time showing off our books and telling stories about how we found them and why we chose what we chose.

I will post my list of books later. I'm thinking that I will make it a tab on this page so I can keep track, but I'm not going to do it tonight. Suffice to say that BookFest is the best holiday of the year. :)

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