Friday, July 23, 2010

Unexpected Movie Surprise

I watched "Bandslam" tonight - just on a whim. I had heard that it got pretty good reviews and I liked Vanessa Hudgens from "High School Musical" (I know, I know...that was also unexpected), so I thought I would see this. It was the perfect movie for a Friday evening after a challenging week.

Basically, a nerdy, music-loving HS boy living in Cincinnati moves to New Jersey where he can start over again. A girl (played by Aly of Aly and AJ and a bunch of Disney shows I've never seen or heard of) befriends him and he helps create a band of misfits (except for the girl).  Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe of "Friends" fame) plays the mom.

The movie manages to avoid most of the teen movie cliches and has some pretty witty dialogue. There were actually a couple of lines that I wanted to write down because they were so funny.  The awkwardness and isolation of teen years is captured beautifully in this film.  AND they sing a song from BREAD - one of my favorite songs, "Everything I Own".

Two thumbs surprisingly, but happily up.

Here is the trailer, although it doesn't represent the dialogue and wit of the movie very well...

Here is "Everything I Own" from Bread (David Gates is the lead singer, I believe). Strong memories for me from the 1970s.  This is definitely the better version, but I love that a movie for young people dug that deep to find an old classic song.

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