Monday, September 5, 2011

Fired Up About the Post Office

I'm pretty fired up today since I saw a story on the national news about the closure of rural post offices. According to the budget information in the story, only 1% of the entire postal service budget is devoted to small rural post offices. Those places are a life-line for many folks who don't participate in our on-line world to the extent that many of us do.

I can't imagine life without mail. It is the bane of my existence in many ways, but also the source of much joy. There is nothing like getting a card or a note in the mail, in getting a little package that can be delivered right to my door.

To that end, I am starting my own little "Save the Post Office" campaign here on my blog. I'm even going to come up with some kind of artful one. :) I have to think about it some, so I'm not going off half-cocked. I just want to be able to say that I did something even if the worst happens.

More to come. In the meantime, here are some photos of mailboxes. Imagine what you would do without yours.

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