Monday, September 19, 2011

Restaurant Memories

From Nablopomo:  If you could return to one restaurant that you've eaten at before, where would you go?

When I thought about this, two restaurants came to mind.

One isn't really a is a cart. I would love to go back to the little Wurst Cart across from the Amelia Erhart hotel in Wiesbaden. It was the first meal we had in Germany - a rind wurst, brochen (bread) and pomme frites in a little glassine cone and it was delicious.  The flavor, even if I went back, would never be the same - it is one of those things that you just hold in your childhood memories.

The other place I would love to eat again is Mitali East in New York City.  It is a delicious Indian restaurant where I went with a friend when we went to the "Interpreting for the Theatre" intensive. It was some of THE MOST delicious food I have ever eaten. The Indian food here is good, but this was outstanding. I think it may have been from a different region of India, as well. I haven't been able to get the same dishes here (of course, now, I can't even remember the name of the dish I want to try to get...)

The other restaurant that I have been wanting to go to recently is my favorite local Thai place, Thai Terrace. They have delicious food, they are a great, local, family-owned business. They even expanded to a second location in Portland, so you can patronize their business in SW Washington or in NE Portland.  I haven't been in a couple of months and now I will have to plan a trip. Yummy.

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