Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday! Bliss List!

With special thanks to Liv Lane, I am participating in her Little Bliss List project again this Friday.  I love taking some time to focus on all the good and sweet things in life - I don't always take the time without a nudge.

1. I love color.  It has always been really important to me, even when I was really young.  I have been enjoying the colors of my life and finding ways to bring more color into it.  I'm waiting for my new necklace to arrive - there will be photos!  It is fantastic!

2.  I love this blog - 3X3X365 - it is really special. Every day, something beautiful is created.

3.  This week, I am grateful for Brene Brown.  Her videos have been a touchstone this week. I'm not sure what set me on this path - I've been a fan for a while, have read her blog for a while. Suddenly, though, something deeper resonated and I am now reading her book, "The Gifts of Imperfection".  I haven't gotten far, but I'm reading it.

4.  I was watching the first disc of the last season of "Friends" this week and Phoebe is so funny in these episodes.  I love "Friends". It is one of those timeless shows for me - it doesn't age, the jokes are still funny over time. Love it!

5.  This morning was beautiful and sunny. I had to pull out a pair of sunglasses!  I loved driving to work today in the sun.  It rained later in the day, but what a wonderful start to the day.

Simple joys, yes, but it is the little things in life that make everything so beautiful.


  1. a bright colorful YES! to all of this joy:)
    more and more to you,

    1. Thanks, Jen! And more joy to you, too. You spread it so well, you should have it come back to you tenfold. :) Have a great week!



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