Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day and the show

I'm not a big Valentine's Day celebrator - I never really enjoyed it, even when I was a kid. There was some inherent meanness in the Valentine's card packs - always one or two cards I didn't want to give because they seemed to imply something I didn't want to say and I was always afraid I would GET one of them.  I am also of an age that experienced both the Valentine's Day celebrations when you didn't HAVE to give everyone in class a card. As the kid who moved into town in December most of the time, I never knew how it would all play out. I think it actually went fine, but the fear of badness stayed with me.

Anyway, it isn't a holiday I relate to. This year, I didn't really have to.  At work, I sort of knew that someone would bring something to celebrate the day so I decided that I would save my contribution for a day when people least expect it - spread the wealth.  After work, I went to see "Beauty and the Beast".  Good voices, some low production quality, same story we've seen before.  I think the hardest part is that it is right before "Wicked", so I'm chomping at the bit to get on to the next show. I shouldn't do that - I should try to enjoy where I'm at instead of looking ahead.

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