Sunday, February 5, 2012

Slow Processing

We did a "brave blog post" this week in my How to Build a Blog You Truly Love course with Liv Lane this week and it kind of stopped me in my tracks a little.  I loved bouncing around and reading the posts of the other participants and seeing how much we all, as humans, have in common that we just don't see or discuss in our day-to-day lives.  I was also thinking about how I want to really wring every drop of benefit from the courses I am taking and yet I am a slow processor.

Daily exercises that require deep thought or consideration are sometimes more than I can juggle in a day. I like to think about things a little bit before I act on them - explore the options, get ideas from others, see if I am really understanding what is being asked of me.  I don't think it is a bad thing, but it is a struggle not to feel nervous that we are starting week five of a six week course and I'm so behind. I know I will be able to continue to benefit from all of the course work for a long time, but the community of people is so wonderful - I want to benefit from their wisdom, as well.

Just not enough hours in the day, I guess.  I will work it out - just thinking about this today.


  1. I can be a slow processer too, Jean.
    In fact, I'm giving myself a pass
    this time with the many unexpecteds
    and I don't want to miss my here and now,
    not a minute of it.
    So I have let myself just take my own sweet time
    and path
    and trust that there are riches enough
    as I turtlewalk along.
    It's okay.....and I so wish I'd been this gentle
    with myself when I was younger.
    Somehow it feels like I get to make it up to myself
    by being especially kind and patient.
    Your thought process sounds healthy to me
    and I say well done you:)

  2. I just caught up on your posts. Wow, you have been busy. But I love that you are learning so much and having fun too. :)



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