Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sometimes, Folks Need to Read the Signs

So, I was rolling along, having a nice day and a perfectly innocent comment spiraled me into a very bad mood. I even said, "Wow. That's really upsetting and now, I'm feeling kind of irritated."  I thought that was kind of self-aware and good, but it wasn't enough to encourage the person to stop telling me stuff. I kept saying, "Wow. This really isn't getting any better."  I was trying to turn it around myself, but I also needed the person to be aware that maybe they could stop fueling the fire a bit.

Next time, I will be more clear.  As it was, I had to send the person an apology. I will talk to them in person tomorrow and make sure all is well.

Sometimes, I do it right; sometimes, I don't.  Today was one of those days. Tomorrow will be better.

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