Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

We had a "Leaping Lizards - It's Leap Year" potlucky food thing to celebrate Leap Year this year.  Tonight was a get-together with my high school drama friends to celebrate the birthday of Frederic from "Pirates of Penzance" (we did the show in 1984 and one of my friends played Frederic).

So, I had a VIP at work which interrupted my plans for the potlucky thing - I'm not a good multi-tasker... It was a busy and long day and at the end of the day (when I should have been at the get-together), I realized I hadn't had anything to eat or drink since about 7:30am...then I drove to a strange place, my headlight is out, it was raining/snowing and then there was a construction sign over the street sign I was looking for. I  realized I had gone to far when I saw the sign that said, "Now leaving Milwaukie", so I turned around, went to a lighted location to read my mapquest directions. No, I do not have GPS. And my cell phone battery was dead. I turned back and it started to spit I finally found the place (an hour and a half late), I drove by and didn't see any cars I recognized and the lights were really dim. Paranoid, I think, "What if they cancelled because of the weather or a sick kid or??? I won't know because my cell phone battery is dead and I don't have Facebook on it anyway, which is where the invitation was in the first place. And if the weather gets worse, what if I get stuck? Run out of gas? Have a flat tire?  No one will be able to find me.  I won't have any way to call for help..."  On it went. I couldn't walk up to the door and have them say, "Didn't you get the cancellation?" I just couldn't.

After I got home, ate some dinner, relaxed for a few minutes, I realized that food and water are important parts of the day for a reason.  And a reminder: Always charge your cell phone the night before you go to an unknown location. Duh.

I know all of this. I just forgot. My brain hurts today, but at least I figured it out. More of the same tomorrow so I am loading up on a power bar or two in my purse, a good breakfast set up and I'll be good to go. :)

Here's a little bit from "Pirates" that explains the storyline and Leap Year:

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