Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm in the April VerbTribe!!

I did one of the scariest things possible today...I signed up for Patti Digh's VerbTribe (the link goes to the description and an old registration - the new class starts April 4,  2012).

Writing is a thread that has been woven through my whole life and I want so much to continue to improve and grow and write from my heart.  This will be a way to make that happen.  And my knees are practically knocking!

The good news is that I saw the original course which was happening now and I thought about all the things I had already committed to - A Year With Myself, How To Build a Blog You Truly Love, Letter Love 101, the 37Days Book Group...I knew there was NO WAY that I could participate in VerbTribe the way I wanted to, so even though I didn't know if Patti would offer it again, I decided to be smart and wait.  I'm so glad I did!  Good things come to those who wait!  And in April, I only have A Year with Myself still going. The other classes will be done (at least formally), so I can really participate the way I want to.  I don't even have a show that month, so I know this is the right time for me.


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