Friday, July 1, 2011

30 Days to Get Your Art On Day 1 work

 The first photo here is of my bowl full of "inchies" squares. I have been attracted to making something with these tiny squares since I saw an article in the "Artful Blogger" magazine about a year ago. Most of the time, I see projects that are way, WAY too complicated or with products I don't know how to use.  The one I saw was pretty simple and I keep seeing art pages with these little squares.  I cheated when I found a square hole punch and have been practicing with that. There is one side of the punch that doesn't seem to be as sharp as the other and doesn't cut the paper very well, which is frustrating, but it is good that I'm finding out on items that I'm not super-attached to...
New J.O.Y. Journal Cover with additional stuff on it

Cover with penwork added

Creating Sacred Spaces seemed like a good thing to have on an art journal.

I loved this quote from "O" Magazine.
This was how it looked at first
This is with the penwork. I wish I understood my scanner better...I think the images would be clearer that way.
Day One of 30 Days of Get Your Art On.


  1. I really like your cover, your handwriting is great, wish mine was!
    Great first page too and thanks for your help:)

  2. I love your cover with your handwriting and pen work! Glad you've joined Traci's 30 Days! I love seeing what you're doing in J.O.Y., too! I don't know if this works, but I remember someone saying that punching through aluminum foil sharpens your die cuts. Maybe that will help the edge that isn't cutting??



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