Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm BACK!!! and An Act of Kindness

I have to post from my hand-written journal and I will do so today and tomorrow (to keep my Nablopomo commitment).  I wasn't near a computer and my sidekick didn't have a signal most of the days I was away. 

So- little story about arriving at the airport last night:

Flew into Portland at 9:30pm or so, moving slow - long, emotionally tiring week, was hot (100 degrees) where I was, and hot when I got home.  I went to baggage claim and there was my suitcase just getting ready to go back into the conveyor belt hole which meant I would have to let it go around again and I just didn't think I could wait that long.  I hurried over to the bag, grabbed it up and then went to wait for my ride.  Apparently, I ran out of all ability to disguise my exhaustion because a man walking along with his wife looked at me, smiled and said, "Long trip?"  I nodded and said yes and we continued walking in opposite directions.  I found a seat near the main doors waiting for my ride and a few minutes later, the couple came back towards where I was, and stepping on the escalator, the gentleman said, "Are you all right?  You look exhausted." His wife said, "Do you have someone coming for you?  Do you need a ride?"  I was overwhelmed by their kindness and I assured them that I was all right, just tired (apparently, that was CLEARLY SHOWING) and that I did, in fact, have a ride coming.   The husband reluctantly got on the escalator, but luckily, my ride arrived so they were able to leave me there without concern. What amazing kindness they showed me!  Later, coming out of the parking lot, we waved a car ahead of us out of the parking structure and I saw that it was that couple.  I was struck again with their kindness to a fellow human being who looked in need of a hand.  They earned a lot of good karma points from that small act.

I need to be more kind.  I want to be more kind.   I hope that those two people have many blessings showered on them for being the kind of person who stops to ask a tired traveller if they need some help.  They are great role models for me.

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  1. I hope you are all rested now. That was wonderful to find such nice people that day. Have a wonderful week.



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