Thursday, August 18, 2011

Favorite Book Store

"Talk about your favorite bookstore."

Um...hi. I live in Portland. The only REAL bookstore in Portland (or anywhere for that matter) at this point is Powell's City of Books, of course. I could live at Powell's if I didn't have to work. :)   I don't go to Powell's as often as I used to, but I go on my annual BookFest book buying spree with Kevin.

I love Barnes and Noble and Borders (sad to see them go - great magazine section and I loved getting my theatre CDs from them) for new, non-fiction and for periodicals, for "other" stuff - miscellaneous stuff like calendars and pens and weird cards. But for serious book-buying, it has to be Powell's.

The firs time I went to Powell's was in the eighth grade on a field trip with the "Book Club".  We were as geeky as it sounds, but we had a great time. We rode the bus downtown on a Saturday and went to Cameron's books on 2nd and to Powell's where I discovered the beauty of used books.

If you have never been to Powell's and you visit the city, make sure you save a day for it. An entire city block filled with books! Imagine that!  It is fantastic!

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