Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where Did it All Begin? -KITB

Where Did It All Begin?
Everything has a beginning. A shiny moment when ideas and opportunities click, and something is started. Then, sometimes, a little ways down the road, we forget the why and the how of the thing that started it all. The thing gets a little tarnished and we lose the energy that made it fun at the start.

As you sit here, mojo nowhere in sight, tell us, where did it all begin? How did the shiny idea start?

When I decided to write about this, I was thinking about how I got involved in theatrical interpreting, but I think I have already written about that here...I worry that I keep saying the same things over and over and even I will be bored with myself. :)

I started this blog a little while after someone at work shared their blog with me. I was fascinated with the idea and hadn't really explored the blogosphere AT ALL at that point. I didn't have a camera except in my sidekick phone, I hadn't done anything really artistic in a long time (I painted some tiles at Ceramica about 7 or 8 or 9 years ago...).  I had pretty much given up on writing anything but emails at work.  I had played around with Homestead trying to make a website to honor Roby and I really liked playing with images and trying to put something together that was visually interesting. I had put together to advertise interpreted theatrical performances in Oregon but I felt limited by my own lack of skill, so I thought maybe a blog would help me figure out how to do something more.

I started with this blog and then I realized I wasn't really sure what I was doing so I started looking for something else. I did my Pink blog that I still have up but I don't mess with too much - it was the first place I did Nablopomo as a test. It was a failure in naming conventions, first of all. I hadn't figured that part out yet. I think I was looking for more anonymity but then I was like, "Um, duh, it is on the internet. It isn't anonymous." I'm good with that now. :)

I started it a couple of days before the anniversary of Roby's death and I think it started as a repository for Roby stories and thoughts that I just needed to get out and then it grew into something so much more than that, even though that is a big thing in itself.

Sometimes I think about stopping - or only blogging when I have something REALLY IMPORTANT to say. Then I thought - what if I don't have anything "really important" to say - just my ordinary self and my ordinary thoughts. That is worth something. I like ordinary. I like no-drama. I like the little glimpses we get into people's lives through blogs.   I have taken classes, met authors, gone to workshops, made new friends, done crazy art, learned about photography, and I have made a commitment to blog here for whatever it is worth.

It's a crazy thing, but I am so happy that I started.

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