Sunday, August 28, 2011

In My Spare Time...

Okay, so this Pinterest thing is addicting. I saw some funny quotes about it, things like, "I love Pinterest because it makes me feel artistic even though I just spent 2 hours on my computer."  Aside from the giant time-suck, what I like about it is that you definitely create a sense of your personality on your boards...

Here is a screen capture of my home page...I didn't capture all the boards, but you get the idea.
My Pinterest page is here.
Anyway, this has taken up the creative energies I haven't been putting in my journals. I don't like trying to create stuff when the fan is blowing all my papers all around. When it is hot, it is definitely harder to do art.  This has been a fun substitute and I have found some good ideas out there, as well.

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